How To Fit Your FlexiFit 407 Mask?

  • Break the silicone seal's plastic cover.
  • Take the FlexiFit 407 mask and spread the Stretchgear™ headgear enough to go over your head comfortably.
  • Lightly place the FlexiFit 407 over your nose, then draw the headgear over your head gently.
  • Connect the headgear to the Glider™ strap.
  • Push the lower straps down the back of your neck as low as you can. Tighten the straps carefully to minimize slack. Connect to the specified pressure CPAP/Bi-Level unit. Tighten the lower straps if necessary to prevent any leaks but never over-tighten the straps.
  • Unhook the Glider™ strap from the StretchGear™ headgear when you need to take off your FlexiFit 407 mask.
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