How To Keep Your HumidAir™ 11 Water Tub Clean?

A clean water chamber is important when using humidification for CPAP. If not properly maintained, water chambers can collect bacteria, germs, and mold which can infect the lungs and cause sickness. Daily removal of water and rinsing of the chamber is recommended after therapy. Once per week, wash the water chamber with warm water and mild detergent. Rinse excess water and let air dry prior to reattaching to your CPAP machine.

Please note this water chamber is not dishwasher safe. The water tub should be washed with warm water and mild detergent by hand on a weekly basis. It should be allowed to dry completely, out of direct sunlight and/or heat. Replace it every 3-6 months on average. Check the user manual that comes with the equipment for full guidance.

Germ Prevention Smarts: It is recommended to use distilled water with your water chamber. Tap water increases the risk of calcium deposits and bacteria.

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