How To Reassemble Swift™ FX Nano Nasal CPAP Mask?

Using your forefinger and thumb to stretch the inside of the mask cushion, insert the swivel ring into the mask cushion.

Allow the mask cushion to sit in the groove on the swivel ring. The mask cushion is correctly positioned when it is located in the swivel ring groove with no gaps. Ensure that the swivel ring is not pushed all the way into the mask cushion.

Rotate the elbow to ensure it moves freely in the swivel ring.

Thread the top strap through the top buckle with the notches facing up.

Hold the headgear arm with the opening facing you. Attach the headgear arm onto the node on the mask cushion. Make sure that the text on the headgear lines up with the text on the mask cushion.

Do the same thing on the other headgear arm. Make sure the straps on your headgear aren't bent.

Thread the back strap into both sides of the headgear without folding. Make sure the ResMed logo is facing out and the fastener is on the outside.

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