How To Reassemble The ResMed Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?

Place the cap of the port into the ports. Make sure the port's cap tabs are facing away from the mask.

Put the mask elbow within the mask frame and connect it with the elbow clip on the inside. The elbow clip's flat side must face the mask base. If the mask elbow is properly connected to the frame, it should not move.

At the same time, grab the vent cover's edges on both sides of the "Click" sticker. To ensure that the vent cover is safely in place, press it firmly against the mask elbow.

Push the swivel onto the elbow of the mask.

Insert the pad plugs into the two holes on the back of the forehead support to connect the forehead pads to the forehead support. To ensure that the pads are tightly secured to the forehead brace, press them firmly against it.

Mount the forehead brace to the mask frame once more. Move the forehead help into one of the four tab locations by depressing the tab.

Fit the nasal cushion's grooved edge to the mask base. Fit the top portion first, then work your way around the mask, pressing the cushion into the frame and checking for a strong seal. Push the cushion clip over the cushion and onto the mask frame, making sure it locks into place.

Connect the mask frame to the headgear clips. Headgear straps can be threaded into the holes on the forehead brace and headgear clips. As fitted, the ULTRA MIRAGE headgear sticker should face outwards and be close to your ears. Adjust the Velcro straps.

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