How To Reassemble Your Forma CPAP Full Face Mask?

  • To assemble your mask again after washing, place the silicone seal face down in your hand with the thick side of the FlexiFoam™ cushion facing down and the size indicator facing up into the silicone seal.
  • Starting at the top of the mask, assemble the silicone seal and FlexiFoam™ cushion onto the mask base by pushing them together firmly.
  • Ensure the silicone seal fits into the channel of the mask base.
  • Click the elbow into the non-rebreathing valve and then connect to the mask base.
  • Lay the headgear flat with the label side down, position the headgear, and attach each of the four straps onto the corresponding slots on the mask.
  • This easy headgear assembly prevents the need to refit your mask. Your mask is now ready for use again.
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