How To SetUp the SoClean Air Purifier?

Step 1: Install the Air Filters

Core Filter

  • Slide the Core Filter into the G200 Core with the grill facing up.
  • The filter clicks into place when properly installed.

Pre Filter

  • Turn the G200 Core over, so the Celios logo is facing down. Remove the back panel at the bottom of the unit.
  • Slide the Pre Filter into place with the arrows pointing toward the top of the Core. Make sure to push the Pre Filter completely into the Core so that the back panel can fully close.

Carbon Filter

  • Remove the Carbon Filter tray from the Main Stand.
  • Place the Carbon Filter into the tray as shown.
  • Slide the tray back into position in the G200 Main Stand.

Step 2: Install the Lithium-Ion Smart Batteries to the SoClean Air Purifier

  • There are two slots for lithium-ion smart batteries. These slots are above the Pre Filter you just installed. Pull the silver wire and rotate it upwards.
  • Take one lithium-ion smart battery and align the battery slots to the slots within the unit. The unit will beep when the first battery is correctly installed.
  • Take the second battery and do the same. You will not hear a beep with the second battery.
  • Place the silver wire back into position and replace the back cover with the G200 Core unit.

Dock the G200 Core in the Main Stand

  • Plug the Power Adapter into the Main Stand and then to a powered electrical outlet.
  • Slide the G200 Core into the Main Stand. The control panel on the Core will be facing the same side as the Remote.
  • When you correctly dock the G200 Core in the Main Stand, the unit will beep (whether you have AC power on or not). If the G200 Core is not properly installed, it will not beep and will not sit properly within the Main Stand.
  • Charge the Batteries.

Step 3: Set Up the Bluetooth Remote Control For The SoClean Air Purifier

  • There are two AAA batteries provided, insert them into the Remote Control.
  • Turn on the SoClean Room Air Purifier and then press the Core button and hold for 6 seconds. You will hear a beep from the Core and the LED on its power button will flash. It has now entered the Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Now, press the power button on the Remote Control and turn it on. You will notice a light flashing for a brief moment indicating that the remote control is now in pairing mode.
  • After a few seconds, you will notice that the LEDs on the Core and the remote control have stopped flashing which means that they are now paired with each other.
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