Is There Any Difference Between The AirSense 10 And AirSense 11?

The AirSense 11 was released on August 16, 2021, and is ResMed's newest bedside machine since the AirSense 10 was released in 2014. The designs of the machines are different in that the AirSense 11 is slightly longer, but has a more narrow design. The AirSense 11 also weighs slightly less, making it easier to travel with. Regarding power, the AirSense 11 now uses a 65-watt power supply, whereas the AirSense 10 is at 90-watt, thereby making the Airsense 11 more energy efficient. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two machines is that the AirSense 11 now has a color touchscreen, a vast improvement over the AirSense 10's knob-controlled navigation menu. Regarding the humidifier chambers, both humidifier tanks still have the same capacity, but the designs are different; therefore, you may not use your AirSense 10 water chamber with the AirSense 11. Likewise, the AirSense 11's filters are smaller than the AirSense 10. ResMed has moved the filter vent from the side of the machine to the back, which should make for better airflow.

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