What Are The Benefits of DreamWear Silicone Pillow CPAP Mask?

Silicone cushions are changing CPAP mask technology, offering more comfort for a longer, more peaceful sleep.

A frame that fits all users ends the frustration of those with unique head shapes. Three sizes give you more comfortable options and no compromises.

Those who use CPAP while getting ready for bed will love the simple design that gives you the ability to see clearly without bulky mask frames. You can read, watch TV and wear your eyeglasses without discomfort. The minimalist design is also perfect for those with facial hair who may find other masks uncomfortable.

Enjoy 360 degrees of freedom. With the innovative top-of-the-head design, you can move freely in bed without hose tangles. For those with claustrophobia, the tube connection replaces cumbersome face masks with a lightweight, simple design that feels like wearing no mask at all.

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