What Are The Benefits of HDM Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine?

The Z2 CPAP is specially designed to offer these benefits:

The Qtube, in conjunction with the Z2 motor and software, is designed to reduce both dynamic and static noise at the device and within the mask.

Z-Breathe® Comfort Feature – Z-Breathe is meant to reduce the effects of pressure spikes and dips while maintaining a consistent pressure, resulting in more pleasant treatment.

Leak Compensation – The Z2 adjusts for tiny air loss automatically, ensuring that the optimum treatment pressure is maintained.

Auto Adjustment in Altitude – The Z2 is capable of operating at elevations of up to 8000 feet above sea level.

Air Travel – The Z2 is certified for use on flights and adapts to cabin pressure.

Upgradable Operating System – The firmware and software for the Z2 may be updated with ease using a USB cable and your computer.

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