What Are The Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask Benefits?

What Are The Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask Benefits?

The Bleep CPAP team conducted significant consumer research in order to build a CPAP mask that better met the demands of patients. The NIH study was confirmed, and the research with current CPAP mask users went even further, showing the top difficulties, among 34 particular mask demands, that cause user unhappiness with CPAP masks. The Bleep team utilized the findings to completely re-imagine the user experience, removing traditional headgear as well as additional pain-inducing accessories like mouth holds and nasal bridge devices. The Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution is a one-size-fits-all “maskless” solution that has the following characteristics./

No Adjustments Necessary

The form-fitting Bleep fits most faces without adjustment. No fuss finding a fit. Simply attach – we recommend using a mirror to assist you - and sleep.

No Claustrophobia

Users struggling with claustrophobia from full-face CPAP masks and even some of the bulkier nasal masks will enjoy the comfortable and lightweight fit that feels like no mask at all. Users who feel hot from headgear will be able to sleep comfortably.

No Cleaning

Most CPAP masks require regular cleaning to avoid the buildup of facial oils, residue, and other germs on the cushion. The Bleep DreamPort is completely disposable, ending CPAP mask cleaning rituals forever. Simply throw out the adhesive nasal ports the next day and grab a new pair for the following night.

Be sure to wipe the nasal area down with the DreamPrep witch hazel pads, or a damp cloth to remove any facial oils before applying the DreamPorts.

Active Sleeper Friendly

With the flexible tubing, active sleepers never have to worry about losing their seal. The 10-inch hose and connector flex and move with you. Weighing in at only 1oz, the tube will never pull on your face and disconnect.

Bleep CPAP Mask - Quieter Performance

The vent diffuser minimizes the noise during exhalation so you and your bed partner can sleep in peace.

Bleep Dreamport CPAP Mask - Performance Meets Comfort

The Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution is made to fit you perfectly. It works by attaching two small nasal ports to your nose using soft, elastic, hypoallergenic adhesive to let you breathe at night. No mask is worn, and no harsh objects come into contact with any area of the face. This design avoids morning face pain and those unsightly headgear lines.

Bleep CPAP Mask - Uninterrupted Sleep

The Bleep DreamPort is held securely in place on your face and does not slip or leak when you move around in bed, unlike other CPAP masks on the market. This is due to the tape's ability to be both strong and gentle on the skin. Nobody wants to be startled awake by the hiss of a mask leak. The Bleep DreamPorts can be removed quickly and painlessly in the morning, leaving no visible signs on your face.

Bleep Dreamport CPAP Mask - Convenience

Bleep DreamPort helps you avoid the time-consuming process of trying out different mask options by making frequent trips to the doctor or supplier. DreamPort is truly a one-size-fits-all solution. You don't have to worry about when to replace your mask - with Bleep DreamPort you use two new, disposable breathing ports each night. Your therapy stays clean and bacteria-free.

Bleep CPAP Mask - Environmental Protection

Bleep is an environmentally conscious company. The small nasal ports can be reused. Simply remove the tape and place the tubes in the recycling bin. Our masks are both clean and green, as we like to say.

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