What Are The ResMed AirFit F30i Full Face CPAP Mask Benefits?

High in Comfort

Get the benefit of comfortably moving while you sleep! The F30i Full face CPAP mask is tailored to let you switch among various different sleeping positions while delivering extra support through its cushion. 

Maximum Range

The swivel lets you rotate 360 degrees, since the CPAP hose attaches at the top of the CPAP mask frame. This prevents the CPAP hose from tangling while you receive your CPAP therapy. 

Clear Line of Sight

Although the ResMed F30i is a full face CPAP mask, it does not hinder your bedtime routine, supporting a restful sleep. Enjoy watching your favorite Television series or reading your favorite novel while wearing it. 

Whisper Quiet Function

Both you and your sleeping partner can now enjoy a peaceful sleep with the F30i CPAP mask’s QuietVent technology which provides whisper-quiet CPAP therapy.  Some sleep apnea patients even feel that the F30i CPAP mask is too silent, and they are unable to recognise whether the mask is operating. 

Efficient Magnetic Clips

Sleep apnea patients often struggle to disconnect their CPAP hose. However, with the AirFit F30i CPAP mask’s QuickRelease elbow feature, you can easily separate the CPAP mask from your CPAP hose with just a single touch. Additionally, the magnetic headgear clips enable the users to take off their CPAP mask with little effort.

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