What Are The Tips for AirTouch N20 Nasal Mask For Her?

Only use the mask for CPAP or bilevel equipment recommended by a practitioner or respiratory therapist, and keep the vent holes clear. Do not use the mask unless the system is switched on. As soon as the mask is in place, check to see if the system is providing air. CPAP and bilevel systems are designed to work with special masks (or connectors) that have vent holes that enable air to escape continuously out of the mask. When the device is turned on and working well, the exhaled air is flushed out of the mask vent holes by fresh air from the device. When the system is not in use, though, the mask will not have enough fresh air, and the exhaled air can be rebreathed. In certain cases, rebreathing exhaled air for more than a few minutes will result in suffocation. This is the case for the majority of modes.

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