What Are The Various Swift FX for Her Pillow Cushion Size Selection?

The ResMed Swift FX mask comes with S, M, & L sizes of pillow cushions. Although most people will benefit from S, M, or L pillow cushions, however, an extra small (XS) size is available separately. The right pillow size will fit comfortably at the entrance of the nose. If the size is too big or too small, the mask seal will be affected. At the nose gently pull the headgear in place. The side straps should fit midway between the eye and the ear not too far back or forward. If necessary, first adjust the top strap one notch at a time the mask should sit comfortably on the face. If required adjust the blue back strap. This sits midway across the back of the head not too high or too low. Make sure the pillows are a comfortable fit, if they are not try other sizes until there is a good match.

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