Will I Benefit from AirFit F30i?

Active Sleepers

This mask is meant for patients who are active sleepers—ie, those who toss and turn quite frequently throughout the night. This mask stays in position and maintains the seal so that the patient receives the full benefit of sleep therapy. Patients can sleep peacefully without the worry of displacing the mask during sleep.

Mouth Breathers

Some patients can not use a nasal or nasal pillow mask due to their habit of breathing through their mouths. The AirFit F30i gives the freedom and comfort usually equated to nasal and nasal pillow masks to mouth breathers. A stable cushion that seals under the nose and covers the mouth provides extra comfort throughout the night.


Full face masks have been known to make some patients feel claustrophobic. AirFit F30i's hollow frame design effectively removes that feeling. With a wide-open view, you can perform your favorite bedtime activities like reading a newspaper, watching TV, using your phone, etc. without feeling anxiety.

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