Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter

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  • Fits between the CPAP machine and CPAP tube
  • Provides cleaner air for allergy sufferers
  • Manufactured by Respironics
  • Compatible with ANY brand of CPAP or BiPAP machine
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This Respironics in-line bacteria filter fits between the CPAP machine and the CPAP tube. It provides cleaner air for those who suffer from allergies. Manufactured by Respironics, this bacteria filter can be used with ANY brand of CPAP or BiPAP machine.

Respironics PR with Bacteria filterRespironics PR with Bacteria filter

Philips Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter - Overview

Philips Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filters are specially designed filters for use with CPAP machines.  During sleep apnea therapy, this filter is placed between the mask and the CPAP machine to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

Respironics Bacterial Filter For CPAP Units - Features

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and other pollutants in the air for clean therapy
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory infections or other illnesses
  • Improves overall air quality 
  • Utilizes a high-efficiency filtration system to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Respironics Inline Bacteria Filter - Compatibility

The inline filter will fit all standard machines from:

  • Fisher & Paykel
  • DeVilbiss
  • Respironics
  • ResMed
  • Puritan Bennett
  • and Many More!

CPAP Inline Bacterial Filter - Restrictions

Please note the following restrictions on use for this item

  • Inline Bacterial Viral filters should not be used with humidified CPAP & BiPAP units.
  • Use of Inline Bacterial Viral filters may adversely affect auto sensing on Auto-CPAP systems especially at low pressures (below 7cm).
More Information
ManufacturerPhilips Respironics
Works With Any CPAPNo
Filter TypeDisposable
What Is An Inline Bacteria Filter?
An inline bacteria filter is another line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and allergens that often effect CPAP therapy. It is placed  is placed between the mask and the CPAP machine to ensure a user is breathing in clean air. 
What are the benefits of using an in-line bacteria filter?
Using an in-line bacteria filter offers several advantages. It prevents the inhalation of bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory infections. It also helps to filter out allergens and irritants, which can improve overall air quality and reduce the likelihood of respiratory symptoms.
How does the bacteria filter work?
The Philips Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter utilizes a high-efficiency filtration system that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns. By trapping airborne contaminants, the filter ensures cleaner, healthier air by preventing them from entering the respiratory system.
How often should I replace the bacteria filter?
It is recommended to replace the in-line bacteria filter regularly to maintain its effectiveness. The specific replacement interval may vary depending on factors such as individual usage, environmental conditions, and manufacturer recommendations. As a general guideline, replacing the filter every 30 to 60 days is often recommended, or as advised by your healthcare provider.
Is the in-line bacteria filter compatible with all CPAP machines and masks?
The Philips Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter is designed to be compatible with most CPAP machines and masks. However, it is important to check the manufacturer's specifications or consult with your equipment provider to ensure compatibility with your specific CPAP setup.
Are these bacteria filter easy to install?
Yes, the in-line bacteria filter is designed for easy installation. The filters feature connectors on both ends, allowing for simple attachment between the mask and CPAP machine tubing. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and positioning.
Can I clean and reuse the bacteria filter?
The Philips Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter is intended for single-use only and is not meant to be cleaned and reused. As recommended by your healthcare provider, discard and replace the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Does using the bacteria filter affect CPAP machine performance?
The in-line bacteria filter is designed to have minimal impact on CPAP machine performance. It does not significantly impede airflow or compromise therapy effectiveness. In order to ensure optimal performance, monitor your CPAP machine's pressure and airflow while it is using a filter.
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Respironics In-Line Bacteria Filter