The Somnera System

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  • A simple, effective alternative to CPAP
  • SmartValve™ technology provides an alternative breathing experience
  • Smallest, lightest hose on the market
  • Small and lightweight enough for home or travel
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2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
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Free Shipping Over $100
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Somnera System
Your Somnera Sytem comes with the Somnera Airbox + Power adaptor + CPAP Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillow Mask (make your selection below) + Headgear + Hose + Travel case
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 Somnera M3 Nasal Mask Fit Kit
Your Somnera System comes with a Nasal or Pillow mask. Please make your selection below. *You can only use the Somnera Nasal or Pillow mask with the Somnera System. Both options include all 3 sizes - Small, Medium and Large
SleepBridge™ Support Program
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The Somnera System
The Somnera System

In Stock


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    Introducing the NEW Somnera System

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    Features of Somnera System - CPAP Alternative Device:

    • SmartValve™ technology provides alternative breathing experience to CPAP
    • No humidifier required
    • Nasal or nasal pillow CPAP mask included
    • Small and lightweight for home or travel
    • Cloud-connectivity; touchscreen interface
    • FREE setup and support with Live Coach

    The Somnera™ System from Fresca Medical is a new, low-flow alternative to traditional CPAP therapy. Designed with SmartValve™ technology, the Somnera System helps you fall asleep fast while providing a comfortable, natural breathing experience. Plus, the device comes with the smallest, lightest hose in the industry to guarantee a quiet treatment for your sleep apnea. If you have been looking for an alternative to traditional CPAP for sleep apnea, then you may benefit from The Somnera System.

    The Somnera System can be set to a fixed or auto-titrating pressure and allows patients to start from a setting of 0cm in a no-flow “Go To Sleep” mode. The one-size-fits-all headgear ensures a great fit for any patient. The rotational magnetic hose connector makes this system ideal for active and side sleepers. The minimalistic design offers a clear field of vision so you can easily read or watch TV before bed. Users can choose between a nasal or nasal pillow mask interface.

    SleepBridge™ Support Program

    Patients buying a Somnera Device will get free access to the SleepBridge Support Program, with qualified sleep coaches who will schedule a virtual setup and additional ongoing virtual support sessions to ensure the best individualized therapy experience. With the Somnera device, patients are able to quickly adjust to the therapy partly due to the fact that we offer convenient, “no-touch” virtual support at no additional cost.

    Is There An Alternative to A CPAP Machine?

    The Somnera System is the first sleep apnea device that delivers positive airway pressure without CPAP's constant high airflow. Low-flow equipment replaces the bulky humidifier for a smaller footprint in your bedroom. The device uses a hose so light that during sleep, patients report that they do not feel connected to anything. The Somnera System is a perfect pick for OSA patients who do not want CPAP or who feel claustrophobic and exhausted by the constant rushing airflow required by conventional CPAP machines to provide therapy.

    Other advantages to the decreased airflow are that a humidifier is no longer needed and the hose can be smaller and lighter than ever before. This makes the Somnera Hose your best option if you're tired of struggling with your CPAP hose. CPAP hoses, which can drag on the mask and interrupt sleep, are much heavier and can catch on the bedding. The gentle, stretchy, sleek body shape, designed for supreme relaxation gives patients unparalleled freedom of mobility during the night. The hose has patented attachments that rotate at both connections: the mask and the airbox.


    Somnera Nasal and Nasal Pillow Masks

    The Somnera System is compatible with two unique masks: the Somnera Nasal Mask or the Somnera Nasal Pillow Mask. The cushions are designed to be interchangeable to offer multiple options for patient fit and comfort.

    The Somnera Nasal Mask features an under-the-nose nasal cushion that creates a secure seal and offers minimal contact, thus reducing red marks and facial irritation. The nasal cushion attaches to the headgear with a keyed clip for quick, easy assembly and a stable, secure fit. This mask is perfect for active and side sleepers who can sleep comfortably knowing their therapy will not be interrupted. Each kit comes with three cushion sizes (small, medium, and large) to guarantee an easy first-time fit.

    The Somnera Nasal Pillow Mask features nasal pillows that sit just inside the nasal passage. This uniquely designed system reduces facial irritation, leaves fewer red marks, and is an ideal option for those with facial hair. Each kit comes with three cushion sizes (small, medium, and large).

    SmartValve Technology

    This proprietary technology helps users create their own humidification through normal breathing. The unique, one-way valve design only allows supplemental, filtered air to flow up the hose during inhalation. Exhaled air is prevented from being sent back down the tube which minimizes airflow and greatly reduces mask leaks. Less mask leaks also mean less airway dryness and the need for additional humidification.

    Somnera Hose

    The Somnera hose is the lightest and smallest hose in the industry. The smooth, soft, and flexible braided hose is attached to the Somnera device via a rotating magnetic connector that is easy to assemble. Rotating connector clips connect the SmartValve on the mask to the hose and provide a free range of motion for active sleepers.

    No Humidification Needed - Alternatives to CPAP for Sleep Apnea

    The Somnera™ System was designed with you in mind. It offers a small, lightweight footprint that makes it ideal for both home and travel. With no humidifier required, distilled water becomes a concern of the past. Thanks to Somnera’s patented SmartValveTM technology, exhalation gets filtered back out into the room, providing natural humidification and a more comfortable therapy experience. Eliminate the hassle of washing and maintaining the cumbersome humidifier. For home and travel, Somnera System is one of the best alternatives to CPAP for sleep apnea.

    Innovative Touchscreen Interface

    Another unique feature of the Somnera System is the innovative touchscreen interface. This user-friendly interface offers complete control over the device and allows users to get the most out of it. Cloud connectivity makes viewing sleep data easy for both users and physicians. Somnera™ System also offers SleepBridgeTM, a companion smartphone app for additional reporting. The app relies solely on Bluetooth technology to connect to the Somnera System and offers an in-depth look at sleep reports for up to the last 365 days.

    Some other features of the Somnera System include:

    • Mask-drying
    • Expiratory pressure
    • Patient-adjustable ramp
    • Touchscreen display
    • GoToSleep™ mode

    Your Somnera System includes;

    • Somnera Airbox (flow generator)
    • Power adaptor
    • CPAP nasal pillow or nasal mask (small, medium, and large sizes included)
    • Headgear
    • Hose
    • Travel case
    More Information
    Therapy ModesAuto-CPAP
    Machine Pressure4-20 cm H2O
    Sound Level36 dBA
    Dimensions - Machine5.2" L x 3.5" W x 2.7" H
    Weight - Machine1.3 lbs
    Warranty Term2 Year
    Heated Hose OptionNo
    Battery OptionNo
    DC CapableNo
    Leak CompensationYes
    Exhalation ReliefYes
    Auto StartYes
    Auto StopNo
    Data Storage ContentNo
    FAA CompliantYes
    1. Somnera™ Replacement SmartValve - V1
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    Can you use any CPAP mask with the Somnera System?

    No, the Somnera System is only compatible with the Somnera Nasal or Nasal Pillow mask. These masks have the SmartValve technology that attaches to the proprietary small diameter tubing that helps make this low-flow system unique.

    Do you need a humidifier with the Somnera System?

    No humidifier needed! The Somnera System is uniquely designed to only flow supplemental air during inhalation. No exhaled air is sent back into the tube. This helps minimize air flow and reduce mask leaks—which in turn, reduces dryness. The system is created to provide self-humidification without the need for any external humidifier.

    Is the Somnera System loud?

    The Somnera System valve eliminates one of the most common complaints from bed partners—the noise from mask leaks! The valve does not allow patients to exhale into the hose, so no additional airflow is needed to blow the exhale into the room, making the system virtually quiet.

    Why is the Somnera hose so special?

    The Somnera hose is made of proprietary technology and is the lightest and smallest diameter hose in the industry. It is a smooth braided hose that is flexible. Connected by a powerful magnet, the tubing will allow you for freedom of movement without yanking off the machine.

    Is the Somnera System FAA-approved?

    No, the Somnera System is not currently approved for in-flight use. However, it can be brought on a plane similar to a laptop.

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