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    Choosing a CPAP Mask can be daunting. A CPAP mask requires an individualized and personalized effort because opinions vary from one CPAP user to the next. It also is nearly impossible to suggest a single CPAP mask which will provide all the comfort and effectiveness for every CPAP patient. However, because a CPAP mask is one of the most important factors in future compliance, we aim to provide as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision get the most out of your selection.

    At The CPAP Shop, we offer a wide variety of CPAP Masks so we can be sure to provide the best fitting and most comfortable mask for you. We offer a full line of nasal CPAP masks, full face CPAP masks and nasal pillow CPAP masks which are all from the industry’s top manufactures. To insure that your new CPAP mask meets our quality standards, each have been evaluated by our staff and select customers. We are in a unique position to offer opinions, selection support and individualized customer service which will aid in getting the perfect mask for you.

    Because it is necessary for a CPAP mask and headgear to fit properly and comfortably for a good night sleep, please call us if you need help with choosing the right CPAP mask for you.

    Most important properties to look for in a CPAP mask:
    • Fit and Style
    • Comfort
    • Quality
    • Price
    • Available Parts
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