CPAP mask with headgear. CPAP mask with headgear.

Swift FX Headgear and Bella Loops Combo Pack

The ResMed Swift FX series was designed to allow for two different headgear styles.  The traditional over the head and behind the head strap, and the newer headgear style that loops behind the ears. 

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CPAP Mask Headgear

CPAP headgear keeps your mask in place, which is especially useful in high-pressure settings and for active sleepers. CPAP mask headgear is an essential CPAP mask accessory that enables comfortable and effective CPAP therapy. 

CPAP Headgear Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CPAP Headgear Made Of?

CPAP headgear is made of flexible nylons for comfort and durability. 

Does Medicare Cover CPAP Headgear?

Yes, Medicare covers CPAP headgear. Medicare also covers replacements once every 6 months.

How Often Should I Replace CPAP Headgear?

Depending on use, CPAP headgear should be replaced on average every 6 months. As the elasticity wears out, it affects the fit of the mask. Improperly fitting masks and headgear can negatively affect the quality of CPAP therapy. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Headgear For CPAP?

CPAP headgear supports your mask so it stays in place while you are sleeping, even while changing positions during the night. Headgear enables the user to adjust their CPAP mask fit for comfort and a secure seal. When CPAP headgear fits properly, it prevents the mask from sliding off the user's face delivering a proper seal all night long. If you suffer from air leakage during your CPAP therapy, CPAP headgear might be the right solution for you. 

Why Should You Clean Your CPAP Mask Headgear?

CPAP headgear requires weekly cleaning. Cleaning your CPAP headgear removes oils present on the skin and hair, sweat, and other debris. These contaminants can cause skin irritation, such as rashes and pimples, and affect the fit of the headgear. 

How to Clean Your CPAP Headgear?

Firstly, separate the CPAP mask headgear from the CPAP mask and immerse it in warm water. 
Apply mild soap to wash the headgear and remove oils and dirt. 
Next, rinse the headgear. 
Last, dry the CPAP headgear in direct sunlight. 
Note: If your headgear becomes discolored from oil and dirt buildup, consider washing it in a solution of vinegar and water.

How Frequently Does A CPAP Machine Require New Headgear?

The CPAP mask headgear should generally be changed every six months. Neoprene is the elastic material that helps your mask conform to the shape of your head. It can start to give way as it stretches repeatedly and fails to maintain a proper seal.

Is Using A CPAP Mask Causing My Hair To Bald?

The use of CPAP therapy and hair loss are unrelated. The friction from your mask and headgear, however, might irritate your face and, in rare circumstances, cause hair to fall out.

Do You Have a Brick and Mortar Store for CPAP Headgear?

Yes, there is a physical location of The CPAP Shop at 159 Cooper Road in West Berlin, New Jersey. Headgear for CPAP masks, additional inventory, other CPAP and BiPAP goods are all sold through The CPAP Shop store as authorized dealers.

After A Purchase, Does The CPAP Shop Offer Customers Support And Assistance?

When you purchase a mask, machine, or other available items from The CPAP Shop, then we will continue to offer ongoing customer support for your order. Along with other incentives, we also provide free expedited delivery on any orders worth more than $99. Call us at 1-866-414-9700 if you have any more inquiries.