CPAP mask with headgear. CPAP mask with headgear.

Swift FX Headgear and Bella Loops Combo Pack

The ResMed Swift FX series was designed to allow for two different headgear styles.  The traditional over the head and behind the head strap, and the newer headgear style that loops behind the ears. 

CPAP Mask Headgear

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CPAP Headgear

CPAP headgear keeps your mask in place, which is especially useful on high-pressure settings and for active sleepers. CPAP headgear is an essential CPAP mask accessory that enables a comfortable and effective CPAP therapy. 

What Is CPAP Headgear Made Of?

CPAP headgear is made of flexible nylons for comfort and durability. 

Does Medicare Cover CPAP Headgear?

Yes, Medicare covers CPAP headgear. Medicare also covers replacements once every 6 months.

How Often Should I Replace CPAP Headgear?

Depending on use, CPAP headgear should be replaced on average every 6 months. As the elasticity wears out, it affects the fit of the mask. Improperly fitting masks and headgear can negatively affect the quality of CPAP therapy.

CPAP Headgear Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover for CPAP machine parts?

The CPAP Shop does not submit any claims to insurance. However, customers may submit claims to insurance providers for reimbursement on CPAP machine parts. We can provide an itemized purchase order as well as list of applicable insurance codes. Here's some food for thought as to whether to use insurance vs cash pay for replacement machine parts.

Is there any schedule for changing CPAP machine parts?

For best results, consult your user manual for the manufacturer recommended cleaning and replacement schedule for your parts. As a general guideline, follow the schedule below: Masks and mask cushions: every 3 months Mask headgear: every 6 months CPAP tubing: every 6 months Humidifier water chamber: every 6 months Fine filters: every month Foam filters: every 3-6 months.

When should I replace CPAP machine parts?

CPAP equipment should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Using dirty or damaged equipment can lower the quality of your CPAP therapy and may even lead to worsened symptoms or illness. If parts become damaged or too dirty to use, it is time to replace them. Here’s a breakdown of when you should consider replacing CPAP supplies and parts. Is there any schedule for changing CPAP machine parts?