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CPAP Filters

We offer an extensive list of CPAP filters for many CPAP machines to ensure users are receiving the cleanest air during CPAP therapy. 

CPAP Filters

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CPAP Filters

CPAP filters are critical components in keeping a CPAP machine running longer and more efficiently. A CPAP filter captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles. These small dust particles, if not captured by CPAP filters, can accumulate inside the machine, causing damage and shortening the lifespan of your equipment. Eventually, these particles may even work their way to the airway of the user. CPAP filters come in a variety of types, such as reusable CPAP filters, disposable CPAP filters, bacteria CPAP filters, and more.

CPAP Filter Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of CPAP filters?

CPAP machine filters come in three types: bacteria filters, reusable filters, and disposable fine filters. The bacteria filters and the disposable filters should be replaced after a short time whereas the reusable filters can be reused with regular washing for a specific number of months.

What is the purpose of CPAP machine filters?

Ambient air contains particles of molds, dust, bacteria, and many other impurities. CPAP machine filters act as a protective layer to prevent these impurities from entering the CPAP machine so that you can breathe easily.

Is it okay to use CPAP machines without filters?

It is strictly recommended that you use CPAP filters because they filter out all the harmful impurities from entering your body. Also, unclean air can damage your CPAP machine.

Can you wash a CPAP filter?

Reusable filters are washable as they are made up of foam and should be washed after each use or at least once a week.

What are the materials used to make CPAP machine filters?

The materials used to make CPAP machine filters are foam, paper, or woven synthetic material.