Do I need to purchase an attachment to clean my CPAP hose?

No attachment is necessary but by the nature of the shape of a CPAP hose, it is difficult to get UV light to enter every nook and cranny of the hose, and the company can not guarantee that the hose will be 100% sanitized. Of course putting the hose in the Lumin is better than no cleaning at all. Even special tubing such as the Resmed AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air, when properly fitted into a neat coil with nothing overlapping and inserted into the cleaning tray is at least somewhat disinfected by the Lumin UV light process. The company also suggests turning the hose over and running the Lumin again with the other side of the hose facing up just to be sure the UV light permeates both sides, killing bacteria. If the UV light can successfully penetrate the hose, it will kill all bacteria. However we recommend that you take additional steps to clean your CPAP tubing by using soap and water and hose cleaning brush.
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