Lumin Mask and Accessories Cleaner

Do you have to empty the water chamber before sterilizing?
It is best to empty the water from your chamber before inserting it into the Lumin because UV light is diffused when it travels through water.
Is the Lumin safe for humans?
Yes! The UV light used in the fully contained disinfection tray will kill all the harmful bacteria on your equipment without letting any UV light escape and potentially harm anything. The tray drawer has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents UV light from escaping. For additional information about the method used in Lumin's disinfection process, please refer to the White Paper at https://www...
Does the Lumin create a lingering odor on my CPAP equipment?
The UV Light does not have an odor but when the bacteria is destroyed it can leave a slight sulfur smell which can be eliminated by washing the equipment with dish soap and a damp cloth. Dry with a paper towel. If you do notice an odor, run the Lumin one time with an empty drawer and let it alone overnight. By the next day there will be no odor.
Do I need to purchase an attachment to clean my CPAP hose?
No attachment is necessary but by the nature of the shape of a CPAP hose, it is difficult to get UV light to enter every nook and cranny of the hose, and the company can not guarantee that the hose will be 100% sanitized. Of course putting the hose in the Lumin is better than no cleaning at all. Even special tubing such as the Resmed AirSense 10 ClimateLine Air, when properly fitted into a neat coil...
Will UV Light from the Lumin damage CPAP equipment?
No. Studies have shown that silicone and other plastic weakens when exposed for long periods of times to UV light however the Lumin UV light cycle lasts only 5 minutes. There is simply not enough exposure time to ruin your CPAP equipment in the Lumin.
Does it Lumin remove facial oils from the mask?
The Lumin does not remove oils or makeup from the mask. You will need to wash any oils from the mask before or after using the Lumin. It will only sanitize the mask and remove bacteria.
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