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ResMed is a major manufacturer of BiPAP machines as well as VPAP machines. The following list of BiPAP and VPAP machines are available for purchase.

ResMed BiPAP & VPAP Machines

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ResMed BiPAP & VPAP Machines - Overview

FAQs About ResMed BiPAP & VPAP Machines

What is the difference between a CPAP machine and a BiPAP machine?

While similar, the CPAP machine provides you the same amount of air pressure throughout the breathing cycle, while a BiPAP machine provides a higher amount of air pressure during inhalation. 

Which is more comfortable, CPAP or BiPAP? 

Both types of machines provide pressure relief comfort and most also have the option for humidification.  BiPAP machines also deliver breathing assistance during the inhalation phase of breath.

Is BiPAP considered life support?

Sleep doctors prescribe BiPAP when it is beneficial for people affected with COPD as it improves sleep quality which in turn increases lifespan. BiPAP machines are often used when an emergency breathing situation arises.