Transcend CPAP Heated Humidifier Water Chamber

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  • 325 mL fill capacity
  • For use only with Transcend II models
  • Replace every six months or as needed

Transcend CPAP Humidifier Water Chamber - Overview

The replacement water chamber for the Transcend humidifier can fit with the Transcend Auto and the Transcend MiniCPAP machines. The water chamber needs to be replaced every 6-12 months depending on the use of your CPAP machine

The standard Transcend humidifier water chamber can be cleaned easily by detaching it from the Transcend CPAP machine. It has a design that enables easy refill and cleaning but is not safe for the dishwasher. 

Tips For The Transcend Humidifier Water Chamber

Here are some important tips to follow when using the water chamber for the Transcend humidifier:

  • To avoid any damage to the Transcend humidifier water chamber, avoid filling it beyond the maximum fill line. If the water chamber is filled over the max, there is the possibility of water leaks from the tank inlet when installing the tank lid. 
  • Do not use any chemicals or additives in the humidifier water. This can cause irritation during your CPAP therapy and can also damage the water chamber. Always use room temperature distilled water for your water chamber.
  • If you ever need to transport the humidifier base, ensure that the water tank is completely empty. Do not try to move the humidifier while it is still filled with water. 
  • Prevent filling the water chamber while it is still connected to the humidifier. In case of accidental spills, the water could cause damage to the humidifier or the CPAP machine. 
  • To avoid spilling water after completing your CPAP therapy, disconnect the water chamber before disconnecting the humidifier from the CPAP machine. 
  • Ensure that the humidifier is not turned on while empty. In case the humidifier is connected while empty, make sure that it is set to 0. 
More Information
Warranty Term90 Day
DimensionsApproximately 8.25 inches x 6.25 inches x 2.75 inches
Water Chamber Capacity1 1/3 cups or 325 ml
Works With Any CPAPNo
Clean CPAPNo
Clean Mask TubingNo
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