Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine

The Breas Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine has been discontinued. We recommend the Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine. Click here to learn more.

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The Z1 Auto Travel CPAP machine is one of the smallest, lightest, travel friendly CPAP on the market. It measures in at just 6 1/2 inches long and barely 10 ounces.

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Be the first to own the ultra-portable Fully Automatic Z1 CPAP machine. 

 The Z1 Auto:  The world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated auto cpap.

More natural breathing:  The new auto algorithm in the Z1 Auto adapts to your breathing thousands of times per night to deliver a tailored therapy experience. The result is reduced overall pressures and a more pleasant experience.

  • Learns and responds to your breathing
  • Adjusts itself thousands of times per night
  • Delivers a more natural breathing experience


Super small  and completely integrated:  The Z1 Auto™ is the world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated auto-cpap machine. It was designed from the bottom up to be the ultimate travel companion for sleep apnea travelers.

  • Extremely lightweight at 10.4 ounces/295 grams
  • Fits in one hand
  • FAA approved for in-flight use


Optional Integrated PowerShell and Battery: The PowerShell™ delivers a seamless platform for cordless cpap that delivers cord-free power.

  • Everything you need for a good night’s sleep fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Ultimate solution for cpap users who travel or on the go
  • With at least 8 hours of battery power for most users
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery


Nitelog Mobile App:  The Z1™ Auto works with Nitelog™, the new mobile app for iOS. Now you can have all of your data in your pocket with built in sharing with your doctor. Nitelog™ can also remote control the Z1 Auto™

  • Seamless syncing through Bluetooth
  • Share your data directly from your device
  • Be involved everyday

Using the Free Nitelog App: Download the Nitelog App from The App Store to an iPhone or iPad.  Nitelog syncs most iOS devices upon command with the Z1 Auto to display immediate and complete therapy results such as Apnea/Hypopnea Count, Usage Hours, Apnea/Hypopnea Index and Pressure. These results are available in day-week-month presentations and may be shared with a healthcare provider or physician by e-mail. Nitelog's data sharing capabilities represent a great advance in monitoring for therapy compliance.


Automatic Leak Compensation: minor air leaks are automatically compensated for so that air pressure is maintained.

HME Humidification:: The disposable heat moisture exchanger hygienically captures heat and moisture as you exhale so that it can give you moist warm air on every inhale. It should be replaced every 10 days and does not use any electricity or moving parts.

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Battery OptionNo
Heated Hose OptionNo
Product Note

The Breas Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine has been discontinued. We recommend the Breas Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine. Click here to learn more.

Machine TypeAuto-Adjusting CPAP, Portable Travel CPAP
Leak CompensationNo
Exhalation ReliefNo
DC CapableNo
FAA CompliantNo
Auto StartNo
Auto StopNo
Data Storage ContentNo
May I use any CPAP mask with the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP?
Yes, all CPAP mask types will work with the Z1.
May I use a 6ft tube with my Z1 Auto Travel CPAP?
Yes the Z1 comes standard with a 4ft tube for portability, however there is a 6 ft tube option.
Will the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP provide me with my correct pressure?
The Z1 Auto is an auto-cpap machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure. Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better, more natural breathing experience.
Is there a humidifier available for the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP?
Currently HDM does not offer a humidifier, but you may use an inline HME or a platform type of Heated Humidifier such as the Fisher & Paykel HC150.
Does my battery charge when the AC Adapter is plugged into the PowerShell and wall outlet?
Yes and when your battery has a full charge it will be displayed on the Z1 LCD screen.
How long does the battery last on one charge?
Your battery’s charge is based on your pressure setting. If your pressure is less than 12 cm H20, the battery will provide 1 full night of power.
What voltages will the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP operate under?
Your Z1 will run on electricity from 100-240V, which means all international currents as well as the US. It will also run on Battery power if you purchase a PowerShell.
Will my Z1 Auto Travel CPAP work at high altitude if I take it skiing?
Yes your Z1 automatically adjusts for altitude up to 8,000 feet.
How often should I change my filter?
It is best to purchase a 2 pack of filters each month and change out your filter every month.
Where is the best place to mount my Z1 Auto Travel CPAP?
This is a good question however it depends on your personal preference. Some users simply set It on their nightstand since it takes less space than a box of tissue and others prefer to hang it over their headboard.
Do I need a special plug or converter to use the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP overseas?
You will need to purchase a plug adaptor type for the country (s) you are visiting, but you will NOT need a converter since your Z1 was a switch mode power supply.
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