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Fisher and Paykel CPAP Masks

Fisher and Paykel compete with the other top brands by continuously improving and developing user-friendly, good quality, and efficient full face CPAP masks, nasal CPAP masks, and nasal pillow masks. The CPAP Shop offers customers a full range of CPAP mask products offered by Fisher and Paykel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks

How Should You Clean A Nasal Pillow Mask?

First, you will have to disassemble the nasal pillow mask from the frame to clean it. Hand Wash the parts of the mask thoroughly but exclude the soft sleeves and headgear. Wash the parts of the mask very gently with mild detergent and warm water.

Where are the Fisher and Paykel CPAP Masks made?

The Fisher and Paykel CPAP masks are manufactured in New Zealand, in a clean facility estimated to be about 5,60,000 sq ft. Along with manufacturing a wide range of products, the masks are thoroughly tested and assembled.

Is Fisher Paykel A High-End Brand?

When it comes to purchasing quality CPAP machines, one should definitely look for brands like Fisher and Paykel for quality.

Does Your Fisher & Paykel CPAP Products Store Have a Brick-and-mortar Store?

There is a brick-and-mortar store at The CPAP Shop which is located at 159 Cooper Rd in West Berlin, New Jersey. The CPAP Shop store is an authorised dealer for all Fisher & Paykel CPAP inventory and other CPAP and BiPAP products.

Does The CPAP Shop Provide Customer Service and Assistance for Fisher & Paykel CPAP Products After Purchase?

After you have purchased a product from our Fisher & Paykel CPAP Products online store or our brick-and-mortar store, The CPAP Shop will continue to provide consistent customer service concerning your purchase. We also offer free fast shipping on all orders over $99 with other additional benefits and rewards. For more questions, contact us at 1-866-414-9700.