ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear

This product has been discontinued. We recommend the ResMed AirFit ™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

Discontinued Parts Available

  • Conforming pads shape to forehead
  • Innovative headgear wicks moisture from skin for breathability
  • Dual layered cushions for stability and reduced nasal pressure
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30 Day Guarantee
Customize ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear
30 Day Mask Guarantee
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Your new mask comes assembled with headgear. Headgear is recommended to be replaced every 6 months. After many nights of use and washings, headgear can become overly stretched and result in mask leakage or over tightening.

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 ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear
ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear

Discontinued Parts Available

Included with your purchase:
    3D Mask Fitting Icon3D Mask Fitting Icon


    3D Mask Fit Technology is now available! Reach out to our customer service via chat or phone so we can help show you how this mask will fit your face before you make a purchase.

    This product has been discontinued. We recommend the ResMed AirFit ™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

    ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear - Overview

    CPAP comfort comes with a mask that fits your face rather than you fitting to it. With the ResMed Ultra Mirage II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear, you get an upgrade from earlier designs, creating a mask that perfectly fits any face without compromise. And a combination of comfort and performance provides a reliable nasal mask for peace of mind CPAP compliance every night.

    No sweat CPAP

    With Breathe-0-Prene headgear, you never feel the sticky sweat of mask contact. The polyurethane foam with an outer layer of nylon and spandex offers more mask breathability for enhanced comfort. The mask design removes moisture away from the skin and you have a drier, more comfortable CPAP experience.

    More cushioning for more comfort

    The dual layer cushions reduce nose bridge pressure while inflating perfectly for a snug fit and a lasting seal without the unsightly side effects. The gentle pressure is just enough so you never feel nasal soreness or see red marks in the morning.

    Easy to take off, easy to put on

    The effortless easy-remove headgear features quick release clips for the simplest detachment for getting out of bed in the middle of the night. The cushions are easy to remove too, with simple attach and detach cushion clips for cleaning made easy. The quick release swivel also makes it effortless to disconnect the hose in no time.

    Quiet diffused air design

    No more noisy masks! The diffused air engineering redistributes airflow during exhalation, reducing noise so you and your needed partner can sleep through the night without disturbance. The design also optimizes CO2 washout!

    Move freely all night long

    With 360 degrees of pivoting movement, you can easily and effortlessly change sleeping positions and never lose your seal performance. The dynamic hose connection design moves with you so even the most active sleeper can sleep peacefully.

    A perfect fit for your whole face

    Masks can perfectly fit one place and not another. Not so with the innovative ResMed Ultra Mirage ™ II. Forehead supports ensure stability throughout the night without leaving pressure marks and nasal cushioning keeps your seal without pressing hard against the skin. The best part is that you require very minimal adjustment to achieve the perfect fit.

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    Product Note

    This product has been discontinued. We recommend the ResMed AirFit ™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

    Magnetic ClipsNo
    Latex FreeYes
    Mouth BreatherNo
    Side SleeperYes
    TV FriendlyNo
    For HerYes
    Facial HairYes
    Cushion TypeSilicone
    Mask TypeNasal
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    How To Fit The Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?
    Place the tubing on the swivel joint. The tubing's edge and the swivel's ridge must completely cross. Connect the other end of the tubing to the CPAP machine. Place the straps below your ears and the cushion over your nose by pulling the headgear over your head. Link the mask frame to the other headgear clip. Adjust the headgear's fit with the Velcro® straps. Make sure you do not overtighten them...
    How To Remove The ResMed Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?
    Depress the tabs of the headgear clips to release the mask. The headgear clips will now be free of the mask case. Remove the mask and headgear over your ears. Do not detach the headgear after first releasing the headgear clips. Practice and make sure you feel comfortable taking the headgear off without assistance.
    How To Disassemble The Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?
    Remove the main air tubing, headgear, headgear caps, swivel, forehead pads, mattress clip, cushion, and ports cap from the tubing. To remove the vent cover from the mask elbow, place your thumb on the side of the vent cover. Depress the forehead tab. The forehead support can now be separated from the mask base. Keep one side of the elbow clip in place and remove the other side of the clip from ...
    How To Maintain The Ultra Mirage II CPAP Nasal Mask?
    Regular cleaning and care of your ResMed Ultra Mirage II are important. Dirty or damaged mask parts can negatively impact your therapy, so be sure to inspect for tears, cracks, and normal wear. If something is damaged, replace it immediately. Follow the below tips for cleaning regularly.
    Daily/After Each Use of Mirage II Nasal Mask
    Hand wash the mask parts (except the headgear) with lukewarm water using a mild soap. Rinse the mask parts thoroughly and air dries them away from direct sunshine.
    Hand washes the headgear. Use warm, soapy water and let dry completely before reassembling. Wash the headgear before wearing it for the first time because the dye can run. It is important to wash the headgear by hand at all times. The headgear can be cleaned without having to disconnect it.
    How To Reassemble The ResMed Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask?
    Place the cap of the port into the ports. Make sure the port's cap tabs are facing away from the mask. Put the mask elbow within the mask frame and connect it with the elbow clip on the inside. The elbow clip's flat side must face the mask base. If the mask elbow is properly connected to the frame, it should not move. At the same time, grab the vent cover's edges on both sides of the "Click" sticker...
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    ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II CPAP Nasal Mask with Headgear