Somnera cpap system

Introducing the Somnera System: A Low-Flow Alternative to PAP Therapy

Key Features of the Somnera System

Innovative Quiet Design

There are several important differences between the Somnera System and traditional CPAP therapy. First and foremost, the Somnera System does not generate its own air pressure. The pressure used to keep the airway open is generated by the user’s own breath. The innovative design of this system makes therapy much quieter. Less noise means a more restful night’s sleep for both the user and their bed partner.

Even mask leaks, a common problem with PAP therapy, become quieter. Since air pressure is generated by the user, there is not a constant rush of noisy air escaping from under the mask. In fact, with Somnera’s design, leakage is only experienced on exhalation if it is experienced at all.

Lightweight Hose

Another unique feature to the Somnera System is the lightweight, braided hose. While most CPAP hoses have a diameter of 22mm, the Somnera System hose is only 9mm in diameter. This makes it the lightest hose in the industry. It attaches to the machine via a strong magnet that swivels as the hose moves – so even the most active sleeper can use it without fear of leaks or disconnects.

No Humidification Required

Most CPAP users require humidification to help make their therapy more comfortable. This is especially common in drier climates, where the continuous air pressure during therapy leads to dry and sometimes sore throat and nasal passages.

The unique SmartValve Technology of the Somnera System creates a natural humidification that eliminates the need of a separate humidifier. 

Reduced Footprint

The Somnera System has a smaller footprint than most at-home PAP machines. With dimensions of 5.2 in x 3.5 in x 2.7 in, the Somnera can easily fit on a bedside nightstand. The reduced footprint also makes it easier to pack for travel. This makes Somnear ideal for someone who may wish to use one machine for both at-home and on-the-go therapy.

Additional Benefits of Somnera System

The Somnera also features an intuitive touchscreen, which allows users to navigate their settings with ease. The settings include comfort features such as ramp time, EPR (also known as expiratory pressure relief), and Somnera’s unique GoToSleep Mode. This mode allows users to delay the start of their therapy so they can fall asleep wearing their mask.

Another attractive feature is the sleek design and the lack of maintenance. Because the Somnera System boasts minimal parts and does not have the added hassle of a humidifier, there is less to clean. 

Who Can Benefit from Somnera?

The low-flow pressure provided by Somnera is an alternative to traditional CPAP therapy. As with traditional therapy, there will be a learning curve for those wanting to experience what Somnera has to offer.

Newly diagnosed patients new to PAP therapy may have an easier time adjusting to the Somnera System. However, Dr. Goetting states that after 16 years of using various CPAP machines and equipment, he felt he adequately adjusted to the Somnera System after three nights of use. Therefore, veteran CPAP users looking for a new machine may also benefit.

PAP users who travel frequently, however, may receive the most benefit from this device. The compact, lightweight nature of the device means it can easily be stored in luggage to take on the go. Lack of a humidifier means not having to worry about packing or purchasing distilled water. The rugged design is ideal for both at-home or on-the-go use, a feature Dr. Goetting thinks is worth the investment.

“If you are only getting one CPAP machine, you will not want the travel kind… They are not designed for nightly use for 5 or more years. Somnera is one machine that works well for at home and travel.”

Somnera System Launch

The Somnera System is now available for pre-order with an anticipated ship date in early December. The system, including the mask and tubing, costs $1350. Users will pick between two mask options: a nasal or nasal pillow mask. The minimal contact design is perfect for those who feel claustrophobic with traditional CPAP masks, as well as active sleepers and users with facial hair.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Somnera System, our knowledgeable customer care team is here to help. Give us a call at 866.414.9700, chat with us online, or send an email to

Chris Vasta

Chris Vasta is the president of The CPAP Shop and an expert in sleep and respiratory therapy. He often provides insights on product design and functionality on various manufacturers’ prototypes and is frequently tapped to provide reviews on new releases.