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CPAP Accessories

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CPAP Accessories

CPAP accessories are the tools that help improve your therapy – whether you need portable power, additional comfort, or something else, The CPAP Shop has what you need. Shop our wide variety of batteries, power cords and supplies, chin straps, mask liners, pillows and more.

CPAP Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What are CPAP accessories?

These are the items that can provide convenience, comfort, and safety to your CPAP therapy. These are not essential or mandatory, but many feel that these add-ons to your CPAP equipment can improve your CPAP therapy and make the difference between using the equipment every night or not.

Do insurance companies pay for CPAP accessories?

We recommend that you contact your individual insurance provider for information on coverage within your plan. The CPAP Shop can provide an itemized receipt with insurance codes that you can use to submit to your insurance for reimbursement if applicable.

Can you recycle your CPAP accessories?

CPAP accessories like CPAP travel batteries, or CPAP power cables and inverters, which are electronic items, can be recycled by donating them to someone in need. However, the accessories which have been in your direct contacts like mouth strips, mask liners, or CPAP pillows should not be reused as they may carry germs or pathogens.

Which CPAP accessories are most often used for CPAP comfort?

Over time it has been noted that CPAP mask liners are among the most popular CPAP accessories for comfort. CPAP mask liners are used to protect the skin from redness and irritation.

Can I use FSA to buy CPAP accessories?

Yes, an FSA can be used to buy CPAP accessories at The CPAP Shop.

Do I need a prescription to buy CPAP accessories?

No, a prescription is not required to buy CPAP accessories as they are not medical items.

Can a CPAP pillow also help with a snoring problem?

Yes, if you find the right CPAP pillow for yourself then it can also help to reduce snoring. Some CPAP pillows are more suitable for side sleepers whereas some are suitable for face sleepers. Both types of these CPAP pillows help reduce snoring.