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ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks

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ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks

ResMed Nasal masks are extensively designed for comfort and the best CPAP therapy. ResMed nasal CPAP masks cover the user’s nose from the bridge to the upper lip area. Nasal CPAP masks are good for users who need high airflow pressure settings but do not breathe through their mouths. ResMed has a huge range of nasal masks that will fit users who move around a lot while they are sleeping.

Popular ResMed CPAP Nasal Masks: 

ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks are Ideal for: 

  • Individuals who frequently alter sleeping positions 
  • Patients who suffer from Claustrophobia 
  • Mouth breathers 
  • Individuals who experience seasonal allergies or nasal congestion 
  • Individuals who experience chronic nasal blockages

Frequently Asked Questions About ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks

What are the Benefits of Buying ResMed Nasal Masks?

The ResMed nasal CPAP mask offers the following benefits: 

  • Humidifies the air while you inhale and retains the moisture while you exhale. 
  • Fights infections while also eliminating harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Increases brain function 
  • Increases blood flow, nourishing the lungs
  • Adjusts your body temperature more effectively. 

What are the Factors for Choosing the ResMed CPAP Nasal Mask?

Cushion Shape - The nasal CPAP mask typically rests on the bridge of your nose and seals around the user’s nose.

Cushion material - The nasal CPAP mask is made up of cloth, silicone, gel, and memory foam. The gel cushions are soft and flexible. They rest on the softer side of your face and adapt to your face shape while adjusting to your preferred pressure settings. 

Sleeping style - The design of your nasal CPAP mask, depends on your sleep patterns. For active sleepers, the top of the head hose connection allows more freedom of movement and prevents tangling.

Breathing style - If you breathe out of your mouth while you sleep, then a full face mask is the right choice for you. 

How to Sleep With a ResMed Nasal Mask

The best sleep position for a user who uses a nasal mask is sleeping on your side. Additionally, this position reduces the effect of gravity constricting the airway which it does when sleeping on the stomach or back.

Are ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks Good For Mouth Breathers?

No, nasal or nasal pillow masks are often not good for mouth breathers unless a chin strap is used.

What is the Difference Between Nasal Masks and Nasal Pillow Masks?

The main difference between the nasal masks and the nasal pillow masks is that the nasal pillow mask rests only inside your nostrils while nasal masks rest around your entire nose. 

Who Should Choose the ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks?

A doctor will typically recommend CPAP therapy with a nasal CPAP mask for patients who experience claustrophobia while wearing larger CPAP masks. Nasal CPAP masks are also usually recommended for active sleepers, mouth breathers, and users with a lot of facial hair.

Are ResMed Nasal CPAP Masks Good for Reading or Watching TV Before Bed?

Yes, ResMed Nasal CPAP masks are good for reading or watching TV before bed. The ResMed nasal CPAP mask, like ResMed AirFit N30 nasal CPAP mask, are relatively quieter in comparison to various other nasal CPAP masks. The design also delivers an open line of sight with an open field of vision. 

Does Your ResMed CPAP Products Store Have a Brick-and-mortar Store?

Yes, a brick-and-mortar store of The CPAP Shop is located at 159 Cooper Rd in West Berlin, New Jersey. The CPAP Shop store is an authorized dealer for all ResMed CPAP masks and other inventory and other CPAP and BiPAP products.

Does The CPAP Shop Provide Customer Service and Assistance for ResMed CPAP Products After Purchase?

Once you buy a mask, machine, or any type of accessory from our ResMed CPAP Products online store or our brick-and-mortar store, The CPAP Shop will continue to provide constant customer service concerning your purchase. We also offer free fast shipping on all orders over $99 with other additional benefits. For more questions, contact us at 1-866-414-9700.