BiPaP Masks

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BiPAP Mask Types

Nasal Pillow BiPAP Mask 

The nasal pillow BiPAP mask encompasses your nasal openings only. 

Nasal BiPAP Mask 

The nasal BiPAP mask covers your entire nose. 

Full Face BiPAP Mask 

The full face BiPAP mask covers the nose and mouth of the patient.


Frequently Asked Questions About BiPAP Masks

What Is A BiPAP Mask Used For?

BiPAP masks work with the BiPAP machines, which aid to pass air to your lungs. 

What Is The Difference Between BiPAP Masks And CPAP Masks?

There are two different forms of sleep apnea therapy masks: CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure). BiPAP alternates between two pressure levels—one for inhalation and one for exhalation—while CPAP offers a constant air pressure. People who have breathing issues or discomfort with CPAP therapy frequently switch to BiPAP therapy. The ideal mask will ultimately depend on the patient's individual requirements and the advice of their physician.

How To Clean and Maintain BiPAP Masks

Manufacturers of BiPAP devices advise routine cleanings. They advise cleaning the BiPAP humidifier chamber, tubing, and mask at least once a week. Daily hose and mask rinsing is a beneficial habit that will keep the pieces clean in the interim. If you are unwell, experts advise washing your equipment out every day to prevent the continual spreading of germs.

Does The CPAP Shop Provide Customer Assistance After the Purchase of a BiPAP Masks?

The CPAP Shop provides customer support assistance after the purchase of a BiPAP Mask. If you face any difficulty regarding the use of your BiPAP mask, our dedicated customer support team is there to help you and assist with any support needs.