Comparing ResMed Nasal Pillow Mask - Swift FX, Swift LT and Swift II

This post was originally published on December 9, 2011, but updated on March 7, 2022.

ResMed’s continues to reinvent and improve upon the Swift line of masks. Some veteran CPAP users will remember that when the original ResMed Swift hit the market, it took off like wildfire. Nasal pillow masks were relatively new and ResMed brought the Swift to market at the perfect time. Although the original Swift was quite popular, there was a common complaint of it being too loud, resulting in some adjustments.

Next came the Swift II. The Swift II's innovation is responsible for reducing the noise level by 50%. With little serious competition, the Swift II again claimed the nasal pillow throne. Today, ResMed has three different masks in their Swifts line; the Swift II, Swift LT and the Swift FX. With all these Swifts available, the question becomes which Swift CPAP mask should a CPAP user choose and why? Since this is a personal choice and no true correct answer, we will profile each mask in hopes of bringing some clarity to the situation.

ResMed Swift II Nasal Pillow Mask

The ResMed Swift II is a popular choice since its release, as many people are choosing it over a traditional nasal CPAP mask. The Swift II offers minimal facial contact and a clear line of vision, unlike a typical nasal mask. The nasal pillow, which rises slightly into the nostril, is secure by a small cylinder or “barrel” which rests just below the nose. The most significant difference with the Swift II from the other Swift masks is the barrel design which allows the CPAP tube to be in position on the right or left.

This positioning is helpful especially if you tend to sleep on one side as the tube is able to be on the opposite side. The tube can also be run up or down depending on preference. The Swift II’s minimal design and lightweight feel (2.5 ounces) offers the CPAP user a comfortable and simple CPAP therapy experience. However, users' feedback is the dissatisfaction of the buckle at the back of the head.

Although not a big issue for most, some users consider the buckle uncomfortable when lying on their backs. Nevertheless, the mask consistently gets high marks from users.

ResMed Swift LT

ResMed then continued to improve upon the Swift platform by creating the next generation Swift LT. The ResMed Swift LT has all of the attributes CPAP users like about the Swift II. However, this mask includes some strategic design changes. For example, ResMed continued with the minimal, lightweight design (2.3 ounces) while improving upon its quietness. One major change from the Swift II is a departure from the barrel design. The Swift LT’s delivery system is much more compact, approximately 50% smaller than the Swift II. This makes it ideal for side sleepers. In fact, the tubing connects directly in the middle of the barrel and rotates 360°, making all sleep positions comfortable.

The improved nasal pillows are dual-wall and sit on a flexible base, allowing vertical and lateral movement without compromising seal. The nasal pillows are responsible for reducing dryness by limiting the volume of air entering the nostrils. In addition, the outer pillow inflates with air while the inner pillow offers soft, stable support. The headgear design is also newer in this mask. However, the buckle at the back of the head, albeit smaller, is still apart of this design. To appeal to women, ResMed’s Swift LT for Her has pink headgear and an extra small nasal pillow. Overall, the improvements to the Swift LT have provided users with an enhanced CPAP experience and given them a reason to upgrade from the Swift II.

ResMed Swift FX

ed Swift FX

The latest and greatest in the Swift arsenal is the ResMed Swift FX. Although some say it's difficult to improve upon one of the best selling masks, the Swift FX brings nasal pillow masks to another level. ResMed has incorporated reviews from the previous Swift CPAP masks and tried to create something nearly perfect. ResMed added many improvements to the Swift FX the most popular nasal pillow mask on the market today. For starters, the headgear has a more strategic design and is softer on the face. ResMed has also removed the strap buckle from behind the head. Its flexible and fluid design follows facial contours and movements promoting early acceptance of CPAP therapy.

The new dual wall cushions and flexible cushion base provide for a stable user interface even at high pressures. The lightweight tubing also helps to reduce pull on the mask. A set of soft wraps and small, medium and large nasal pillows are provided in the package to improve comfort and increase compliance. ResMed continues to try to appeal to women by offering a Swift FX for Her. It has pink headgear and smaller nasal pillows. To add to the Swift FX’s comfort factor, you can purchase a barrel cozy separately that helps with condensation and increases comfort. We have seen the Swift FX flying off the shelves and receive excellent reviews from nearly all CPAP users.

Although the ResMed Swift II, Swift LT, and Swift FX are not the only ResMed nasal pillow CPAP masks on the market, they consistently receive high marks in comfort, ease of use and quietness. The Swift FX, in particular, has been a benefit to CPAP users looking to replace their traditional nasal CPAP mask with something more comfortable and lightweight.

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Chris Vasta

Chris Vasta is the president of The CPAP Shop and an expert in sleep and respiratory therapy. He often provides insights on product design and functionality on various manufacturers’ prototypes and is frequently tapped to provide reviews on new releases.