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Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask Overview

More comfort and freedom of movement—that is the goal of the Fisher & Paykel CPAP mask designers when they developed the Evora Full Face CPAP Mask. By reducing and streamlining the design, the mask now has minimal facial contact, so it feels like wearing no mask at all. It delivers full performance without having to feel it's even on your face at night. The under-the-nose connection also allows freedom of movement for active sleepers. This means that users are free to sleep in many different sleeping positions, ensuring a good night's sleep while still receiving effective CPAP therapy. When using the Evora full face mask, CPAP patients no longer have to adapt to their CPAP mask. That's because the new technology in the Fisher & Paykel Evora adapts to them.

Key Features and Benefits of the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask

  • Minimal, lightweight design, allowing users to have complete freedom of movement through out the night. The reduced and sleek design allows for freedom of movement, clear line of sight to watch TV, read during CPAP therapy, and other activities. Minimal contact to the face also results in fewer facial marks and irritation.
  • Comfortable, secure silicone seal, sitting under the nose to minimize pressure. This aids in providing an easier sleep at night with a softer feel on the face.
  • Headgear with VentiCool™ Technology, a custom-made breathable fabric, designed to allow heat and moisture to escape through the fabric to help keep users cool and comfortable as they sleep
  • Reduced noise engineering, ensuring a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep for both the user and their bed partner

What Is Unique About the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask?

Dynamic Support Technology combines stability wings with a floating seal, allowing freedom of movement while keeping the mask in place. The new seal design provides comfort and secure fit. CPAP patients can move freely without worry about the seal coming loose. CPAP patients also do not have to overtighten their headgear to ensure the seal stays in place. Instead, the seal sits securely and comfortably adapting to their movements at night to make sleep feel more natural.

The Evora full face mask is available in 3 different sizes to ensure a great fit for a wide range of CPAP users. Patients can choose between size Extra Small, Small-Medium, and Large.

Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask - Warranty 

When you purchase this Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask you receive the protection of a 30-day warranty. The CPAP Shop offers a free 30-Day Mask Guarantee with this mask. If you are not 100% satisfied with your CPAP mask purchase, you can return your item(s) for a full refund of the product's purchase price minus the original shipping costs.

Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask - Price

The F&P Evora Full is available at The CPAP Shop for $149.00.

Where Can I Buy the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask

You can purchase the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask at The CPAP Shop. Shop online with us to purchase quickly and easily. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions about the Fisher & Paykel Evora Full Face CPAP Mask and help ensure you receive your CPAP mask in a timely manner. Give us a call at 866-414-9700.

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