3B Medical Luna II vs Luna G3 Comparison

3B Medical Luna II vs Luna G3 Comparison

3B Medical offers a diverse range of CPAP machines for different user needs. Two of the best machines in their offering are the Luna II and Luna G3. The Luna II and Luna G3 have advantages for many users. Both of these CPAP machines include features and benefits that may be useful including integrated humidifiers and user-friendly interfaces. See how the two machines compare and decide which one is best for you.  

3B Medical Luna II vs 3B Medical Luna G3  

 3B Medical Luna II 3B Medical Luna G3 
Dimensions 10.79 in L x 7.24 in W x 4.53 in H 10.43 in L × 5.70 in W × 4.48 in H
Weight 4 lbs 3.75lbs 
Power DC and battery AC and battery 
Humidifier Capacity Yes Yes 
Noise Level 28 dBA 26 dBA 
Navigation Yes Yes 
Bluetooth Yes Yes 
Personal Therapy Assistant No No 
Over the Air Software Updates Yes Yes 
EPR Adjustments Yes Yes 
Auto Ramp Feature Yes Yes 
Built-in Humidifier Yes Yes 
Heated Humidifier Yes Yes 

Comparison On 3B Medical Luna II vs 3B Medical Luna G3 

Integrated Heated Humidifier  

Both units offer the highly useful benefit of an integrated heated humidifier. This allows the dry pressurized air from your CPAP machine to be moistened and warmed to prevent dry nose and throat side effects.  

The Luna II offers a dual chamber humidifier which allows more water to be used before refilling. Both water chambers easily detach for refilling and cleaning.  

The Luna G3 offers integrated heated tubing along with an integrated humidifier. This added feature can help prevent rainout, or excess condensation from forming in the tube due to humid environmental conditions. The pre-heat feature also allows you to warm up the humidifier in your humidification chamber ahead of time, so it is ready when you are ready to fall asleep. 

Design Features  

Both of the 3B Medical CPAP machines are designed to be compact enough to fit on your nightstand. The interface has been designed for both machines to be user-friendly as well.  

The Luna II has a top-mounted interface that requires the user to make any adjustments looking down on the unit from above. The Luna G3 is designed with front-facing navigation that allows users to review their settings and make all adjustments while lying in bed. This design feature can be more convenient for some users who do not wish to get up to make adjustments to their CPAP therapy at night.  

Disassembly and reassembly are critical for users who want to keep their CPAP machines clean and sanitized. A difficult design can impede this necessary procedure. However, both units have been designed to be easily cleaned and reassembled with ease. 


Intuitive screen design is important for users to help them easily make varied adjustments to their CPAP therapy and understand the settings at a glance. While both of the machine screens are designed differently, they both provide easy user interface. 

The Luna II users can quickly access this screen to adjust settings and customize their therapy. Using the display screen, you are also able to access reminder checklists that will help keep your therapy on track. The screen also has a clock, humidity controls, and temperature controls. 

For the G3, users have the same simple interface with all information easily accessible, just in a forward facing design that allows changes to therapy from bed.  

Overall User Experience  

Overall users have found both CPAP machines favorable for easy use. Aside from the intuitive screen displays, other features such as filling and cleaning the humidifier water chambers have also been made effortless for the users. Choosing between power options such as plug-in or battery allows users to select how they want to use their machine either at home or away from home.  

Finding a WiFI connection is as simple for both machines as any home device that relies on wireless. The extra settings that help users with fine-tuning their CPAP therapy are also easily accessible and easy to adjust.  

Some smart functionalities like AutoHumidity control on the G3 allow maximum moisture control and prevent any chance of rainout without the need for user intervention.  

Data Transfer  

Data transfer is a helpful feature that allows patients to send their sleep therapy results to their doctor. Both the Luna II and the Ge offer data transfer functionality.  

The Luna II makes it easy to access your CPAP data with QR scanning. Scanning the QR will immediately provide your mobile device access to all your CPAP data. All you need to do is install the 3B Luna II application available on all iOS and Android devices. 

The Luna G3 is enabled with Wi-Fi that allows storing and sending of sleep data to your physician easily. This feature allows you to easily send your sleep data to your physician and get an updated prescription for pressure settings changes whenever necessary. Moreover, the feature also allows you to get your reports in hand and review your historical sleep apnea progress. 

Other Important Features  

Both CPAP machines come with their own unique features that may be helpful for certain users.  

The Luna II includes features like: 

  • Autostart and mask leak alert which provides a convenient way to troubleshoot the machine and mask. The auto start allows the machine to turn on automatically as soon as it detects breathing. These features have an audible sound and can be disabled. 
  • Unlike most CPAP or APAP machines, the Luna II has a 60-minute ramp time compared to the normal 45-minutes ramp time. The extra 15 minutes of ramp time provides a longer, more comfortable sleep. 

The Luna G3 includes features like: 

  • The pre-heat feature lets you heat up the water in your humidification chamber ahead of time so it is ready when you are ready to fall asleep. 
  • AutoHumidity which allows maximum moisture control and prevent any chance of rainout. 

3B Medical Luna II vs 3B Medical Luna G3 - Which Is Better? 

Both of the 3B Medical CPAP devices offer high-quality CPAP therapy. It is really up to the individual user which features they prefer. More assistance with humidification makes the G3 ideal for those users who prefer this feature. Auto CPAP functionality makes the 3B Medical Luna II a better choice for other users.  

Know what features you want most from your CPAP machine. Understand your therapy and your most common complaints with CPAP. One of the Medical Luna CPAP machines may provide viable solutions! 

Where Can I Buy the 3B Medical Luna II

You can purchase the 3B Medical Luna II at The CPAP Shop. You will require a prescription from your doctor to make a purchase. The CPAP Shop will help you make the best selection and can answer all your questions about this device. Our knowledgeable staff can also help with your prescription to ensure a smooth purchase and delivery right to your home.  

Where Can I Buy the 3B Medical Luna G3? 

Much like other 3B Medical CPAP machines, you can find the 3B Medical Luna G3 at The CPAP Shop. We are ready to answer all your questions about the Luna G3 as well as any other CPAP machine brands you might be interested in. We can also suggest accessories and supplies you might need and get your CPAP machine shipped to you right away. Give us a call at 866-414-9700 today!

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