CPAP Battery

It’s Easy to Connect a CPAP Battery to Your CPAP Machine

We recently posted a video that shows how to connect batteries to CPAP machines. Battery power is critical to people in CPAP therapy in times when power is not available, and having CPAP battery packs could be crucial in emergencies or just to travel.

What happens to a dedicated and compliant CPAP user when the power goes out? How about traveling or camping and not being able to rely on standard electrical power? The CPAP shop supplies both Respironics and ResMed portable stand-alone batteries and equipment to help users in these non-traditional situations. This video is an overview of how to connect both Respironics and ResMed portable CPAP Batteries & DC cables to any CPAP machine.

In this video we show the equipment needed to connect the battery to the CPAP machine and how to connect them. Chris also shows how to connect each piece, how they work together, and how easy it is for anyone!