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The Best CPAP Masks Around $100 in 2021

Here’s our list of the best CPAP masks around $100 in 2021. When it comes to affordable, quality masks, The CPAP Shop has you covered. Generally, our customers are looking for comfortable masks that are minimally intrusive and effective. This list features masks that are easy to assemble clean, quiet, and compatible with most CPAP and BiPAP machines. All our CPAP masks come with a 30-night risk-free guarantee. Although many of these masks are not the newest style with the lightest materials, they represent a good value for the CPAP user.

As always, we prefer our customers to make educated, knowledgeable decisions. But if you have any questions concerning which mask might be most appropriate, we are only a phone call away!

Best Nasal Masks Around $100

Fisher & Paykel Evora CPAP Nasal Mask

The Fisher & Paykel Evora eliminates all the hassles that come with complicated headgear. The CapFit headgear design lets you find the perfect fit with minimal adjustments and one size fits all convenience.  Other features include laser-drilled holes that diffuse air during exhalation to reduce noise. The best part is that the nasal mask design also ensures reduced red marks on your face when you wake up. A big plus compared to other nasal masks.

ResMed AirFit™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask

A comfortable fit can be hard to come by with many nasal CPAP masks. The ResMed AirFit nasal mask uses contoured InfinitySeal cushions to provide a soft and comfortable fit that also delivers on a secure seal. The low profile design makes this mask ideal for watching TV or reading during CPAP therapy and the quick release elbow lets you slip out of the mask in the middle of the night without losing any customized adjustments.

Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask

The Philips Respironics DreamWear nasal mask offers more flexibility for active sleepers during CPAP therapy. The top-of-the-head tube connection keeps CPAP tubing out of your way and swivels when you change your sleeping position. Go from the stomach to back to the side without having to ever readjust your mask or worry about your tubing getting tangled. Comfort is king with this mask design. No prongs go into the nose. Instead, the nose is cradled by the nasal cushion made up of soft silicone.

ResMed AirTouch N20 For Her Nasal CPAP Mask

Women no longer need to compromise when it comes to mask fit. Most nasal CPAP mask designs are meant for men. But the ResMed AirTouch N20 is specifically designed to the shape of a woman’s face. By fitting those unique contours, the mask leaves fewer red marks and provides a snugger and more comfortable adaptation to the face. With a more confident fit, the mask also ensures a more secure seal that does not require overtightening of the headgear.

Best Full Face CPAP Masks Around $100

Fisher & Paykel Flexifit 431 Full Face Mask

Fisher & Paykel have created a full face CPAP mask with exceptional stability. Combing an under-chin fit with a silicone seal, the Flexifit 431 offers a more comfortable and secure mask. Auto-contouring Flexifit technology adapts easily and effectively to varied face shapes and sizes so there is little need for adjustments. While this full face mask is secure, it is also easy to remove. The easy release strap lets you slip out of the mask in the middle of the night without losing any of your adjustments.

Philips DreamWear Full Face Mask

The Philips DreamWear full face mask is one of the first to minimize the design so that there is less bulk. With a refined feel, the mask fits more comfortably and is lighter on the face than other full face masks. Because of the reduced design, there is less facial contact which means fewer red marks in the morning. Users also enjoy a clear field of vision so they can wear their mask while watching TV or reading.

ResMed AirFit™ F20 Full Face Mask

For those who require higher therapy pressures, this full face mask holds up to the test. Using unique InfinitySeal silicone cushions, the secure seal maintains consistent performance under demanding pressure settings. The soft nasal bridge and adaptive wings make it easy to adjust the mask for a perfect fit. The contoured chin and a supportive rim keep the mask fitting snugly, so users do not have to overtighten the headgear. By connecting at 7 different comfort points this mask delivers on both comfort and seal quality.

ResMed Quattro™ Air Full Face Mask

ResMed offers a revolutionary form-fitting full face mask for women. The design contours to the unique facial shape and size of a woman’s face so female patients do not have to adapt to a man’s full face mask. The reduced contact headgear minimizes redness, and an air diffusion system keeps the mask performing quietly so the patient and bed partner can enjoy a full night’s sleep. The mask is also beneficial to active sleepers with a flexible connecting tube.

Best Nasal Pillow Masks Around $100

ResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

With a lighter mask design weighing in at only 1.6 pounds, the P10 offers a sense that you are wearing no mask at all. While comfort level is high it does not compromise in secure seal performance. The dual-wall cushioning creates a more effective seal and also diffuses air efficiently, which provides for a 50% quieter operation compared to other nasal pillow CPAP masks. The simpler design also includes flexible tubing for ease of movement and elastic headgear that fits more comfortably to any head and face shape or size.

Aloha Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

The innovative feature of the Aloha nasal pillow CPAP mask is the ball and joint swivel that adapts to the varied movements of active sleepers. No more disconnects in the middle of the night or broken seals. The flexible design moves with the most restless sleeper. The headgear design is also reduced for a lighter, less bulky fit and the Arch Track technology allows the angle of the cushion reservoir for more customization so users can create personalized comfort.

ResMed Swift FX for Her Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

All the added features of the ResMed Swift FX make this one of the best nasal pillow masks for women. Along with a design that specifically fits a woman’s face, there are other added benefits to ensure lasting comfort and performance. A fleece wrapped headgear and extra soft nasal cushions provide contoured comfort while you sleep, and a clear field of vision allows comfortable use of CPAP even while awake.

Where Can I Buy the Best CPAP Masks for Comfortable CPAP Therapy?

Find all of the best and most affordable CPAP masks at The CPAP Shop. You can conveniently shop online any day or time. And, our expert staff is always ready to answer questions and help you select the ideal CPAP mask for your therapy needs. Give us a call at 866-414-9700.

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