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CPAP humidifier connected to CPAP machine.CPAP humidifier connected to CPAP machine.

ResMed HumidAir 11 Standard Water Tub

The ResMed HumidAir™ 11 Water Tub has a water capacity of 380 mL, so you should never have to refill during the night.

CPAP Humidifiers & Parts

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CPAP Water Chamber & Parts

CPAP machine humidifiers add moisture to the therapy air, allowing users more comfort from their therapy. Humidifiers will often prevent the feeling of waking up with a dry, sore throat and nasal passage. Humidifiers can come built-in to a CPAP machine, or they can be purchased as an optional add-on.

CPAP Humidifier Frequently Asked Questions

Is a humidifier necessary?

Using a CPAP machine humidifier is not necessary but will make the therapy more comfortable. A CPAP humidifier adds moisture to the therapy air which helps prevent dry out overnight and waking up feeling parched or with a dry mouth. By avoiding that discomfort, users are more likely to adapt to long-term sleep apnea therapy.

How long will delivery take for my CPAP humidifier?

Any orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday will be shipped the same day. You can almost always expect to receive your order within 1-5 days anywhere in the United States. Faster shipping options are also available. Learn more about our shipping policy.

How To Adjust a CPAP Humidifier?

There should be a place in your settings that will help you to adjust your humidifier settings. However, we always recommend consulting your doctor with any changes you’d like to make regarding your therapy. 

What Setting Should My CPAP Humidifier Be On?

Although recommendations will vary, we recommend finding whatever is most comfortable for you so that you are not waking up with a sore throat or nose in the morning. The added level of moisture a humidifier brings comes in a few settings, so we recommend trying them all out to see what is best for you. 


What type of water should I use with a CPAP humidifier?

Distilled water is generally recommended for CPAP humidifiers to keep the chamber clean and free of mineral deposits. Tap water should be avoided as it contains hard white minerals and once the water evaporates, leaves behind deposits in the chamber that can lead to mold growth. If distilled water is not available, bottled water is preferred. The water in the humidifier should be emptied daily and the chamber should be cleaned each morning.

How Often Should I Change The Water In a CPAP Humidifier?

Water in a CPAP humidifier should be changed every night to avoid the buildup of any bacteria. 

How To Clean a CPAP Humidifier?

A CPAP humidifier can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Allow it to airdry completely before using it again. 

How Often Should I Clean My Humidifier Chamber?

  • Daily: Refresh the water in the humidifier everyday by getting rid of the remaining water from the night before and adding in a new supply. Additionally, use soap and water to remove any buildup you see. 
  • Monthly: Wash your humidifier out with soap and water throughly. Allow it to airdry before refilling it with water and using again.